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Danny McCaw

The art of Danny McCaw is an accumulation of everything experienced and the perception of those experiences.  The subject matter has always been secondary.  Danny's main goal is to have an emotional response to the thing that he is creating -- not necessarily the likeness of the subject.  Danny's art is a build up of layers that have been painted, sanded and scraped, building upon each layer until he has reached a finished painting.  There is an ebb and flow between memory and abstraction.

Danny McCaw has had over twenty solo exhibitions and was awarded the Wright Foundation Grant in 2002.  He also was honored for the inaugural cover of American Art Collector, was chosen by Southwest Art as one of the "Top 30 Artists Under 30".  Danny has been in numerous national and international articles, most recently featured in the Chinese publication Focus, American Artist "50 Greatest Artists" and Southwest Art "Success Stories".

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