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Dali Higa

The art of Dali Higa reaches far deeper than the likeness of the subjects she paints and is brought to the surface by an artist who sees not only with her eyes but also with her heart.  Her dynamic brush strokes, rich color and passion tell us as much about the artist as the subjects she paints.  Her paintings are honest and engaging and we feel the humanity and richness in the subjects she paints.  Passion, honesty and integrity are the integral parts of Dali's art making process.

Dali travels to remote locations in search of indigenous people embedded in native settings allowing her to capture unfiltered moments frozen in time.  One may find her art in collections throughout the world.

Dali is a signature member of The Oil Painters of America and an artist member of the California Art Club.  She is now the Director of the California Musuem of Fine Art.

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