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The California Museum of Fine Art Hosts:

“REALISM WITHOUT BORDERS” International artists unite the world’s borders connecting two centuries and two continents via the commitment to realist painting traditions.. Special guest artist Jeremy Lipking.


What started out as a group of artists and art historians who shared a strong common vision for art, has now become a successful international traveling exhibition of museum quality works;Realism Without Borders. Exhibiting side by side, Soviet and historical works with contemporary works by Russian, Ukrainian, American, French, English, Chinese and German artists, Realism Without Borders aims to connect two centuries and two continents via the commitment to realist painting traditions.


From Fechin, to Lomakin, Survov to Powell, Kovolenko to Higa, Passemard to Rothe, and special guest artist Jeremy Lipking, this exhibition will unite historical Russian and Soviet pieces with contemporary international artists who have studied the same rooted fine art techniques and are working in similar styles today. This exhibition will allow collectors a rare chance to view and compare the international works together and to purchase for their collection. A rarely seen, privately owned, painting by Nikolai Fechin of the stage for the play of Karmen, will be on view opening night only. This piece will not be available for purchase however works by Soviet masters such as Alexander Borodin, Oleg Lomakin and Eric Rebane will be available for purchase.


This diverse and talented group of painters from all over the globe have had impressive traditional training from such schools as the reknown St. Petersberg Academy of Arts, (Repin Institute), Penza Art Institute, the Kharkov Art Institute, The Florence Academy of Art, Laguna College of Art and Design, Beaux Art school of Auxerre, France, and the Academy of Art in San Francisco in California, just to name a few.  They have shown in top exhibitions worldwide from St.Petersberg, to Paris, to Los Angeles and have impressive resumés as well as strong bodies of work ranging from classical academic works to painterly impressionist pieces.  The international group of classically trained representational artists believes in the successful combination of objective traditional training combined with expressive personal subjects, and often painterly strokes.


Founded by Akhmed Salakhly (Repinart curator), exhibiting artist and co curator Vanessa Rothe, the group is currently flourishing with successful national exhibitions and over 25 invited core artist members.  “We share an admiration of “realist” art, especially Russian works, because they were one of the only ones to keep up the realist tradition when the world was going towards modernism “ says Akhmed Salakhly the group’s head curator.  


Members also believe firmly that art is for the people. As the Russian group of artists “The Wanderers” (Repin, Levitan...), their aim is to have a travelling exhibition in order to touch a wide and diverse audience. They realized that like this renown group, that they did not want to reduce themselves to just one geographical area for their exhibitions, and wanted to reach a vast array of people, so they decided to make a travelling exhibition able to be shown at galleries, art schools and clubs, along with museums… worldwide. 


The group is honored to now include the well respected Author of Soviet Impressionism Vern Grosvenor Swanson as an advisor who joins RWB with his vast knowledge of the works and historical aspects of their creation. Director of the Springville Museum in Utah that specializes in Russian works.


Join us for this rare imported exhibition combined with famed new Chinese member Dali Higa and renown American special guest artistJeremy Lipking. Works will range from small affordable studies to large scale works of art.


at the California Museum of Fine Art September 20th, thru October 15th, 2014.


Opening night September 20th 6-9pm at The California Museum of Fine art

1421 Marcelina Ave Torrance, California



Curated by: Dali Higa, Vanessa Rothe, and Akhmed Salakhly  


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